Money: Invited to Play

Updated: Apr 30

'Finding it, keeping it, growing it'

I've studied a large amount of the money teachings circulating the market for the guts of ten + years. I'm guessing you have too.

I appreciated the experience of learning, and then I got to appreciate (more) the experience of embodied learning. (embodied learning is to go from head to lifestyle)

I was given the opportunity to embody the teaching as I set out to resolve my own struggle with money at a point in my life where it didn't feel voluntary.

No! It felt more like being held at gunpoint at the whim of a madmen. It would be years before I would see that mad man was in fact, just me, playing out recurring patterns of past trauma.

Anyway, I digress.

I did the work that saw me go from a £50,000+ GBP loss that had me living on credit cards while adding to that debt regularly, to building a 6-figure income with my own business and getting myself moving out of my wee tazmanian-style financial chaos into a space where I felt I had respect for my finances.

Here's some of what I learned:

Finding money:

a) Fair exchange - I apply the principles I've learned in the area of finding money through my business. Being an entrepreneur gives me the freedom, ability and agility to create, build and design in ways that ensures fair exchange. As someone who had incredibly low self worth, an intense resentment for the wealthy, and a need to assist those in the trenches only, fair exchange was as much about finding my own solid ground as it was the client's ROI.

b) Authenticity - Figuring out who you be, and who you serve so you can resolve 'the how' of monetising what you do.

The blindspots in here are real. I had a significant blind spot emerge for me in April 2020 (25 years into doing this work) that caused me to re-adjust my business, my practice and my audience inside 48hrs, all while wondering how it could have taken me this long to see, what now feels like the obvious. Heh.

Keeping money:

a) Price it properly. Free can be expensive; not charging enough makes it difficult for you to do a great job; you worry about paying bills, paying staff, and the next bit of business while the current client feels neglected. Charge too much and you client feels taken advantage of. Ripped off even. Either way, both scenarios keep us small. Pricing is an important variable to get right.

b) Auto-save a percentage of my income and pre-set that auto-saving to increase by 5% every quarter. For example, if I save 10% of my income today, I put 10% into a savings account Jan, Feb, March. In April, May, June, I will increase my auto-savings to 15% monthly. July, Aug, Sept, I will increase that auot-savings payment by another 5% and so-on until I've reached 30 to 40% of my income being moved into a savings account. It is my intention to continue to auto-save for the long term. First wave of savings is applied the the 6-Month liquidity. The second wave of savings will go to investing in a passive income and so on.

c) Diversify revenue streams means, create two revenue streams and see how it goes. A Job and a side hustle, a product and a service, a consulting business and a group programme. There's many ways to box this up. Once you've got two revenue streams in shape, consider a third.

Growing money:

a) Educate thyself - There are some really great tools, resources and apps out there that teach investing. Check out MyWallSt in the App Store. (Formerly Rubicoin App) I'm putting together a wee summary of investment learning tools, resources and Apps that I will be trying out - happy to post that up here shortly for your reference.

b) Check out my Three-Financial States chart I whipped up off the back of re-writing a set of notes I found from a year or two ago. See what feels resonant for you. It's just another way of organising data and defining parameters in the areas of money. If it feels helpful for you great, if it doesn't - such is life.

Three Financial States: Waking Up, Financially Stable - Financially Secure, Financially Secure - Financially Free.

Financially calm and in flow is attainable when one is prepared to persistently do the work that matters.

If you are using your business as a vehicle to self-actualise; then I may be of some assistance.

There are 1000+ modalities out there to pick up and try out to get you to your ideal outcome.

This way is just one way.

Information about 90-minute 1-2-1 video based workshops are over here.

Namaste to you and your vision.

@ShannonEastman x