Business: Invited to Play

Updated: Apr 30

When the voice on the inside gets so persistent, you set up a limited company, put out a website and roll your dice saying to yourself "let the games begin".

One of the top three reasons people participate in personal development is because...

They've gone into business for themselves. I can't imagine you find that at all surprising, particularly if you yourself have set up shop on your own.

The struggle is real; and the reasons for the struggle pull from two distinct areas: You the business owner and second is the business itself. The business creates numerous situations that have you shaking your head and seeking out a sounding board.

You and then the business:

1. You: We can start with the usual suspects;

  • Feelings of FOMO can have your decision making go a bit off piste

  • Imposter Syndrome and the related questions of can I do this, should I do this, what if...

  • Fear of many things; (rejection, success, public failure)

  • It can be lonely

  • Then there's the why, behind your why

  • The dark night of the entrepreneur's soul is a very real phenomenon

  • Your first failure can be tough, heck the 7th one isn't all that fun either. Hah.

Of course there are dozens more of these that can show up anytime between registering your limited company and hitting your first million.

Each milestone in your business is willing you to grow into the next version of yourself that gets to have a business that turns over that 100k, 500k, and a million. That process? Also real.

2. The business: Two of the biggest challenges I hear first hand from business owners from North America, throughout Europe and in the Middle East would be:

  • Staff is number one (let's put delegation in here too)

  • Marketing is second

  • Pricing, products, packaging gets its place in the top three

  • Then there is scaling operations

  • Customer Service

  • Building the infrastructure that supports the growth that keeps the culture

  • Cashflow... sales... revenue.

Of course there are others, but this is a good list for the purpose of this post.

And you really do want that voice on the inside to be loud and persistent.

You also want that voice inside you to be:

  • Inspiring to you

  • Calling you into something bigger than you

  • And have you terricited** (Terricited: to be terrified and excited simultaneously at the idea of being able to bring forth your business into a world that gets to serve ever increasing numbers of people.

When it comes to you, it's a safe bet to suggest that you will be in various forms of creating, adapting, growing.

  • Creating

  • Adapting

  • Growing

Three things that the human condition is typically not all that excited about because:

  • It means being seen.

  • It means trusting your ideas.

  • It means being judged.

  • It means doing the work that matters to grow into the version of you that gets to be the business owner who is realising the vision you currently hold in your mind's eye.

When it comes to your business, then you will want things like Clarity, and Congruency between your authentic self and the business you are investing in.

You will also want to co-create success with 3 to 5 key people: friends, mentors, business partners; a community of some sort that supports you, hands you mirrors from time to time and has your best interest at heart.

Who wants to die with the music inside?

Exactly. So we set out into the unknown, feeling certain and uncertain, inspired and fearful and we meet our first, second, tenth milestone a little worse for wear, but we're good.

What got you here, to this milestone in your business, its not what you will use to reach the summit.

That will be different.

Like the milestones that have gone before, it will not be a straight line either, more like a game of snakes and ladders in a pulsating, spinning sphere.

Hah. Come on? You know I'm right.

The good news is that you possess everything required to realise the vision. Intuitively I think you know this. Day-to-day you may not be so sure; but you do.

  • Uncovering it is the work that matters.

  • Holding the congruency is the work that matters.

  • Shifting your perception is the work the matters.

  • Consciously choosing the meaning you attach to everything is the work that matters.

Thus you struggle, and fall, and learn, and grow into the next iteration of yourself along the trajectory of your vision. Intuitively you know that you must grow into the version of yourself that gets to manifest that future vision. And the bumps and bruises along the way can take their toll.

Your business is your vehicle to self-actualise.

And the vehicle needs gas, tune ups, tire changes, repairs and every now and then it might get towed.

Who cares? That voice on the inside is louder than the pitstops, naysayers, and opinions of the masses.

(By the way, I heard that sometimes the 'M' in masses, is silent).

I'm Shannon; and everything I just wrote is simply a play on my own journey for the last 20+ years. I heard Dr. John Demartini say at least a dozen times now that "I would rather the whole world be against me, than my soul."

I have sought out, studied with, and did courses in the work belonging to dozens of The Greats since I was 13. (That's another story). The biggest influences on my work to date include Dr. John Demartini, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Carl G. Jung and Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī (Rumi).

Why Invited To Play now? Truth is I had not wanted to engage this type of work until I had first transformed the areas in my life. I reckon we can only facilitate another to the degree that we have already facilitated ourselves. That meant doing the work that matters to shift theory into an embodied understanding.

I own and run Teach a Brand to Fish and I do some Management Consulting through ShannonEastmanDotCom, Today, the loud, persistent voice on the inside has me here, Inviting you to Play.

I assist in 4 core areas (4 because I have done the work that matters to transform these areas in my life)

  • Money

  • Business

  • Purpose

  • Self

I'm here to serve those who are using their business as a vehicle to self-actualise. You're inspired, you're creating outside your comfort zone, you're uncomfortable and you're ok. Heh.

If something here resonates and you're seeking strategies, tools and resources to shift something in your life, then I offer a video based 90-minute 1-2-1 workshop.

  • There is an intake form

  • There is a formal output

  • There are a few recommendations for the space you occupy when we are in session

If you're interested in learning more or scheduling a session you can do that over here.

** special mention to Lacy Astra Mills for that gorgeous word: Terricited.