About Me

I'm Shannon E. Eastman, accent Canadian, passport Irish, somewhat bonkers. 

I am a Human Behaviour expert, Management Consultant, Communications Expert, Shaman and Facilitator of the Work That Matters. I write, research, teach and facilitate in the area of Personal Growth.


I have a number of projects I am invested in - Invited to Play is one of those projects that is specifically designed to transform one of 4 areas of life: Money, Purpose, Business, and the Self. This is for those using their business as a vehicle to self actualise. 

Invited To Play is where you and I get to do the work that matters most to you, and your business, to facilitate ever increasing states of flow as you grow into the version of you that wants to be witnessed, experienced and in service.

1 of the 12 workshops I held at my gaf in St. John's Wood, London,  2014. This is where the methodology I use with business owners today, took form & shape. 

Every journey begins with a bumpy first workshop (or 12).

The idea of inviting someone to play is two parts:


1. Inviting you to provide conscious consent for us to explore the unconscious parts of you that are running you/your life today.


2. Playing with what we find; we're curious, child like and without judgement as we explore whatever it is that wants to emerge.

What emerges during the process shifts perspectives, creates new possibilities and changes the pattern that has you in a vice today, into an expression that better serves you as you prepare to level up (again).

1 of the nights had here in Dublin recently with mum and the family. I get to play with humility in moments like these as I watch myself go from zen to an early & quick departure. hah. 

It takes 20 years to become an overnight success give or take 10 years. Hah!


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These sessions are typically a 90-Minute video based workshop including pre-work and formal outputs is €300, payable at time of booking. 

A concession rate of €165 for the same session is available for anyone who needs it. 

Results emerge inside our first 30-minutes.