To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Emerson

Workshops that shift

perceptions, shift possibilities.

Failing at being authentic is a human condition that seeks authenticity. We uncover our authentic self inside a process of self discovery.

Asking questions like: what's the why behind my why? What is it that has me playing out the same scenarios again and again? 


What are my blindspots in this moment, that if fully seen, would shift my outcome, favourably? 

Ever increasing states of authenticity are made available to us when we continuously and deliberately do the work that matters.  Some of us call that personal growth, personal development or even what it takes to self-actualise.

Into the dark to see the light.

By making the unconscious conscious, we facilitate an alternative way of living that enables a more authentic and congruent experience than  the one we are having now. Congruent is aligned, aligned facilitates more flow, less force.


The anxiety most pressing today is inviting you to clear up a blind spot that when fully seen, shifts expression.


It shifts from a passive aggressive expression that yields a challenging existence, to a more fulfilling expression that sees you operating inside some form of flow.

It is by going into the dark (unconscious) that we are able to find the light.


Finding it, keeping it, growing it, shifting illusions to investment.


Aligning your heart and head with those you're here to serve can be a trick.


More flow, less force is a magical space to operate in. So how do we find it?


Awareness, Acceptance, Allow; x3 great words but what can they do? 

An exclusive invitation...

This is an invitation to those who see business as their vehicle to self-actualise. You either own a business (side-hustle) or you are in the active throes of setting one up. You're inspired, you want to serve and you continue to find yourself creating outside of your comfort zone (regardless of how many times that comfort zone pulls you back in). 

The pain and frustration of remaining as you are in this certain area of life (I'm guessing: Money, Purpose, Business, and/or Self) has reached the point where it needs to shift now.


You're seeking resources, tools, and strategies to shift the heavy and frustrated into something more light and in flow. 

Hence the word exclusive; these invitations to play are only for your kind.

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